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Update on goods currently subject to anti-dumping duties

09.50am 18 September 2020

Update: Imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties on galvanised wire from China and goods currently subject to anti-dumping duties.

On 26 August 2020, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (Minister) gave notice imposing provisional anti-dumping duty set out in the Second Schedule to the Gazette Notice.

The effective date of the provisional anti-dumping duty is 26 August 2020. The provisional duty will remain in force until the end of the investigation, which is likely to be in mid-March 2021.

Download copies of the Non-Confidential version of the Provisional Measures Report and Customs Instructions:

Update on goods currently subject to anti-dumping duties:

  • Galvanised wire from China (provisional measure)
  • Preserved peaches from Spain
  • Canned peaches from Greece
  • Canned peaches from South Africa
  • Galvanised wire from Malaysia

There are currently no goods subject to countervailing action.

More information is available on MBIE’s website or on request from the MBIE’s Trade Remedies Team at