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Changes to payment methods

02.46pm 02 May 2019

We're making improvements to speed up the clearance of imported goods, where the freight term in the entry is 'Delivered Duty Paid'.

Currently, if the importer has a client deferred account with Customs, the broker is only able to select a change of the payment method to 'Cash'.

From Monday 6 May 2019, brokers can select payment method 'Broker Deferred'. This will be a less manual process than was required for cash payments and, as a result, speeds up the clearance.

Another change is to payments by cheque. Cheques now need to be receipted into Customs' account before a delivery order is issued. The delivery order was previously produced at the time payment was made by cheque.


Published 2 May 2019

NOTE: Paying by cash, cheque or EFTPOS is no longer accepted.