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Goods affected by Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

12.39pm 16 February 2018

In recent days four ships have been affected by infestations of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.

Three have been ordered to leave by MPI and one has voluntarily changed its route to New Zealand.

Some of these ships have been deemed to have 'arrived' in New Zealand and import declarations have been entered and passed with either Deferred Accounts or Cash Accounts being debited or raised.

Customs advice is as follows:

Customs will initiate an amendment to the original import declarations to change the date of importation.  This will not require any action by brokers/declarants for import declarations already lodged or cleared because the amendments will be system generated once the new dates of importation are known.

This amendment approach does not affect duty, GST and other charges debited to Broker Deferred and Client Deferred accounts when the original Import Entries were cleared.  This is because those charges are triggered by Entry Clearance, not date of importation.

The original entry charges will appear as usual on deferred payment account statements for the period,  and GST registered entities can claim GST credits from Inland Revenue.

The affected ships to date include; Tokyo Car voyage 1802, Courageous Ace voyage 121A, Sepang Express voyage 44 and Glovis Caravel.