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Human remains/ashes and placenta

If you are travelling to New Zealand and bringing human ashes/remains or placenta accompanying you, you do NOT need a Customs clearance.

You do NOT need to present any documents to Customs for ashes accompanying you through the arrivals process at airports. 

You should however make enquiries with the airline that you are travelling on and airport security at the point of departure or transit. If you are considering bringing or sending remains (corpse or ashes) into the country by post/freight service they may complete a Customs clearance on your behalf however, you can email scanned copies of your documentation and note "Urgent - Human remains" in the subject line.

Required Documents: 

  • Freight Documents (air waybill/ arrival notice) 
  • Copy of photo ID of importer  
  • Death certificate 

If you require urgent after-hours assistance or clearance, email your request to: 

You'll find full details on the: 


You can bring placenta into New Zealand with you, but you must declare it. We also recommend that you advise the airline carrier in advance.