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Broker with a deferred account

For payment of a broker deferred account, please refer to the following banking instructions:

Account Name: New Zealand Customs Service
Crown Receipts Account
Account Number: 03-0049-0000706-26
Bank Name: Westpac Banking Corporation (New Zealand Division)
New Zealand Government Branch
318 Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand

Important: Please follow these additional steps to ensure a prompt payment update on your account. Please complete the below references on your payment so it is correctly registered on your account:

Particulars: Leave blank
Code: Enter CBROK
Reference: Enter your Customs Client Code such as 00123456A

You can also email the payment advice to

Broker with deferred account continued

Customer to pay directly

  • From 25 October 2020, we will ask for a billing email address as part of Trade Single Window (TSW) registration process.
  • Once that email address is recorded in TSW, we can automatically send a copy of the tax invoice to the importer for payment as soon as a cash entry is cleared.
  • We can provide a copy of tax invoice directly to the importer for payment. We can also update a billing email address for them.
    Please note: If we do not have a billing email address on our record, you or the importer can send your billing email address to


If your payment is made during business banking hours, and if you have followed the banking instructions shown, your top up payment will be applied to your deferred account within 24 hours of payment.