Current TSW status

This page provides up-to-date information on whether any issues are affecting TSW and provides dates and times for planned maintenance outages.

There are currently no known issues affecting TSW.

Planned Maintenance Outages
Date and time Reason Comments
Every Sunday from 2 am to 4 am Routine maintenance We will update this page if maintenance goes over this timeframe

Changes to TSW

What’s new, improvements and fixes to Trade Single Window which may impact you.

Date and time: 5 August 2018 Area impacted: TSW Online lodgements
Reason for Change What you might notice
Choosing the correct submitter code to use was confusing and could cause issues with processing.  The submitter code field is no longer available as a choice at the start of import and export declarations. Instead, it is auto-populated based on the broker and/or importer codes as you move through the lodgement. Don't worry if it looks blank at the start - TSW will pick the right one as you complete the lodgement.