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Current TSW status

This page provides up-to-date information on whether any issues are affecting TSW and provides dates and times for planned maintenance outages.

TSW is operational.

Customs customer update at 12 noon 30 October

Intraday payment is working. The 214 receipts suspended yesterday are being managed.

Lodgements between 0600 Sunday 26 October to 2030 Wednesday 28 October

  • Lodgements that are submitted as broker deferred, that have a client deferred account associated, will now have the client deferred account charged
  • All lodgements that fall into this category, and that have cleared between 0600 Sunday 26 October to 2030 Wednesday 28 October, will be adjusted so that the broker charges are reversed and the client account debited.
  • We expect this to be completed by close of day Friday 30 October 2020.
  • After this, if you have a lodgement that has not been adjusted that falls into this category, please contact with your entry number so we can resolve this.
  • Please note that lodgements submitted as client deferred that have no client deferred account and default to cash do not fall into this category and need to be resolved within your normal business processes.

Important: Once a lodgement is cleared, the payment method cannot be changed.

Your payment methods have not changed.

  • A broker deferred account payment automatically goes to client deferred if the client has a client deferred account
  • If there is no client deferred account attached then it automatically goes to cash payment

This page will continue to show the current status of TSW and is updated as soon as an issue is confirmed, resolved or the status changes.

Directions on how to seek clearance for urgent shipments is provided under Urgent Clearance.

Date and time Reason Comments

Every Sunday
from 2am to 4am

Routine maintenance

We will update this page if maintenance goes over this timeframe

Saturday 24 October 5pm to 6am Sunday 25 October

System maintenance

TSW Online and the TSW system-to-system Gateway will be unavailable for an extended period while Customs new finance system is deployed.

Changes to TSW

What’s new, improvements and fixes to Trade Single Window which may impact you.

Date and time:

25 October

Area impacted:

TSW – Client Registrations

Reason for change:

The new finance system sends out billing information via email

What you might notice:

It will be mandatory to include a client billing email address with a client code registration. All new registrations will need one provided and any updates to existing registrations will also need a client billing email address confirmed. You can choose to reuse an address already captured in the registration. This does not include supplier codes.