Current TSW status

This page provides up-to-date information on whether any issues are affecting TSW and provides dates and times for planned maintenance outages.

Update at 19 June 2017

  1. TSW Online users doing registrations and lodgements will have noticed that over the last few days, the system has become noticeably slower at peak times during the week.  We've identified the causes and are making the first set of background changes over 16-17 June to improve this, as advised in the outages table below.
  2. A recent change has unfortunately caused an issue with TSW Online where all buttons will stop working if the ‘Search for Suppliers’ button is used.  We will fix this after this weekend’s outages - a date will be confirmed shortly. If you have used the Search for Supplier button and all buttons have stopped working, you can refresh the page and the buttons will become active again. To avoid this issue in the meantime, you can use the Supplier Search function on the Supplier Codes and Names page. We apologise for the inconvenience.
Planned Maintenance Outages
Date and time Reason Comments
Every Sunday from 2 am to 4 am Routine maintenance We will update this page if maintenance goes over this timeframe

Changes to TSW

What’s new, improvements and fixes to Trade Single Window which may impact you.

Date and time: 11 June 2018 Area impacted: TSW Online - registrations and lodgements
Reason for Change What you might notice
Information tiles preferences now retained after the session has ended. If you choose to turn the Information tiles off, it will remember this the next time you log in using the same PC.
  If you want to turn them back on, you can select this using the menu in the top right corner at any time.
  Any action you will need to take:
You can turn information tiles off by selecting the menu button in the top right corner.


Date and time: 11 June 2018 Area impacted: Lodgements TSW Online - Inward Cargo Report
Reason for Change What you might notice
The Carrier Cargo Report indicator on an ICR was causing confusion for pilot partners, who were completing it incorrectly. If incorrect, the ICR has to be cancelled and a new ICR created. The Carrier Cargo Report is now provided on the Create New Lodgement page when you select ICR. It will pop up with’ Are you submitting this report as a carrier, or as an agent on behalf of a carrier?’
  You will need to select Yes or No as appropriate. It no longer defaults to No. Your choice will go through to the declaration page, where you may change it if necessary.’
  Any action you will need to take:
If you’re still not sure, email: for assistance


Date and time: 5 June 2018 Area impacted: Lodgements - all
Reason for Change What you might notice
Previously an override request on a lodgement could be submitted without a reason, even though the reason is required. Now an override cannot be submitted when no reason has been entered.
An officer would need to request an update to the lodgement to include the reason to allow the override to be considered, slowing the whole process down. Any action you will need to take:
Enter the reason for your override request before you submit the lodgement.


Date and time: 5 June 2018 Area impacted: Lodgements - all
Reason for Change What you might notice
TSW has a function to restrict brokerage access. We’ve changed the error to be more specific and prevent lodgement submission.
This means there is a restriction the importer or exporter has requested on who can submit their lodgements. If there is a brokerage restriction present and you are not the brokerage specified, TSW will reject the lodgement with the following error:
Previously lodgements could be submitted, but would not clear if they were not the specified brokerage and it was not clear what the error was. ‘The Broker [Broker Code] stated on this Lodgement does not have permissions to submit a Lodgement for [Import/Export/ Excise Client Code] Client Code’
  Any action you will need to take:
Please email: and they will let you know next steps.