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Return your item

What to do when you return your item to the supplier.

If you return an item that cost less than NZ$1000, the supplier you purchased it from is responsible for issuing any refund.

If your item cost more than NZ$1000 and you return it to the supplier and they give you a free replacement, you don’t need to pay duty and GST on the replacement. You will need to provide proof it’s a replacement, such as emails agreeing to replacement or evidence you returned the original item (e.g. shipping documents).

You may be eligible for a refund on GST or duties you paid on an item if:

  • you didn’t need to pay duty, eg. the wrong invoice was used to calculate duty
  • your item is faulty
  • your item was damaged, destroyed, stolen or deteriorated while in transit
  • the item is not what you ordered.

You are not eligible for a refund of GST or Duties you paid on an item if you changed your mind.

To request a refund, please email with the details of your refund application.