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Changes to the Arms Act 1983 – June 2020

08.32am 09 July 2020

On 25 June 2020 changes to the Arms Act 1983 came into force.

These changes include:

  • What types of firearms parts require a permit to import
  • A permit is now required to import:
    • All blank-firing guns (including starting pistols that fire blanks or caps)
    • All ammunition
    • Pistol carbine conversion kits
  • All firearms, restricted weapons or parts specified on a permit must be imported within 30 days of the first item on that permit being imported

More details are available on the Police website.

Arrangements for firearms, restricted weapons and parts in transit or currently held by Customs

Since 25 June, Customs has been withholding delivery of firearms and parts which were imported but could not be lawfully possessed by the importer (such as centrefire pump-action rifles, which are now prohibited firearms).

Prohibited firearms which had been imported before 25 June but which were subject to the control of Customs on that date will be transferred to Police.

All existing permits for firearms or parts that are newly prohibited, and which arrive on or after 25 June, have been revoked.    Where permits feature a mix of prohibited and non-prohibited items Customs will review and release items as appropriate.  Goods which are imported on or after 25 June and for which the permit has been revoked may be seized by Customs.

All queries related to a potential buyback of these items should be directed to Police.

More information

For more information on whether an item requires a permit, and the permit process, please visit the Police website or contact Police by email.