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Updated CCA procedure statements from 1 October

09.26am 06 September 2019

From 1 October 2019, hard copy delivery orders won't be accepted by Customs-controlled Areas, except during system outages for business continuity processes.

A nationwide update will be issued for all procedure statements, and all clients are now submitting all lodgement types through TSW.

The benefits of electronic delivery notifications include better control of Customs and MPI instructions by reducing the potential for illegal alterations; a reduction in paper and electronic PDF storage for CCAs; and earlier advice to CCAs of the status of consignments.

Electronic delivery notifications replace all hard copy import and export delivery orders for all lodgement types. TSW delivery notifications are automatically sent to the Locations of Goods stated on a lodgement. These notifications provide Customs and MPI directions on releasing or holding consignments and must be accepted and acted on without CCAs requiring hard copy delivery orders.

For now this only applies to clearance and examination notifications. For pre-clearance movements of cargo between CCAs and other premises, Customs Continuing or Single Permission to Move and MPIs General Authorisation of Carriage processes will remain in place until the TSW Domestic Transhipment Request process is piloted and introduced.

Customs-controlled Areas

All premises should already have electronic notifications in place following updates made in April 2017. If you’re unsure of your current notification status, or want to update your inboxes to split import and export email responses, email for further advice on how to do this.

Freight forwarders

It’s important to make sure you’re using Location of Goods field correctly in your lodgements. For sea-based lodgements you can now use the sea-port codes in the Location of Goods field, and in the additional delivery notification fields. If you need more information you can read about How Notifications Work.

Additional delivery notifications

You can send extra delivery notifications if you need to by entering the premises code or sea-port code in the additional delivery notification field.

Access to DOs for other processes

If your company relies on Delivery Orders as part of the supply chain, you’ll still be able to access these in TSW Online to help ease the transition to electronic notifications. Note you can also add email recipients into your TSW lodgement to send additional electronic notifications.

Business Continuity Process

In the event of a system outage, for urgent releases you can access the Trust Delivery procedure.