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WCO3 Mandating Update

07.20am 03 May 2019

Inward Cargo Reports mandatory date confirmed as 30 June 2019.

The Inward Cargo Report (ICR) is the final WCO3-format message for trade to be mandated. The ICR is processed via the Trade Single Window (TSW), shared by Customs and MPI. It replaces the old Import ECI message that is used for low value write-offs, international transhipment requests, and advance reporting of in-bound cargo by carriers. It also replaces MPI’s manual screening of express air courier manifests and carriers’ cargo manifests.

On February 2019, we advised that the target mandatory date for adopting the WCO3 ICR message is 30 June 2019, and that we would confirm this once all port companies were able to receive TSW status notifications. This is because notifications resulting from ICR processing contain new kinds of directions for international transhipments and empty containers, which ports must act on.

Port companies are now set to receive TSW status notifications, and we have completed piloting all the required scenarios. This has confirmed systems and processes are now in place to support full onboarding of the WCO3 ICR. So the mandatory date for the ICR message is now confirmed as 30 June 2019.

Consolidator Inward Cargo Report

As discussed in consultation since 2012, Customs and MPI will require sea freight forwarders and integrators to submit a pre-arrival ICR reporting house bill level details for consolidated (FAK/LCL) shipments landing in New Zealand. Customs and MPI will shortly consult with industry on the introduction of this requirement, and the mandatory date.

Domestic Transhipment Requests

Electronic Domestic Transhipment Requests, which are completed using the ICR message, are not being introduced with the other ICR functions. While this is built and fully tested in TSW, Customs and MPI will run a thorough pilot and consult with industry before this major business process change is mandated. We have not yet scheduled a date for commencing the pilot project, and will let you know when the plan is developed.

Links to Supporting Information

ICR readiness

Please contact your software provider for information on when they will make the ICR message available. CusWeb website users – the ICR has been available on the TSW Online website since 2017.

If you are concerned about meeting the mandatory date, please contact us at