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Other government agency requirements

Odometer Prohibition

All motor vehicles must have a connected and working odometer.  The Customs Import Prohibition (Motor Vehicles) Order 2021 prohibits the importation of any motor vehicle with an odometer reading that does not correctly record the distance that the vehicle has been driven.

Ministry for Primary Industries requirements (MPI)

All used vehicle/vessel/aircraft are subject to a quarantine inspection on arrival by a MPI inspector. If any contaminants such as soil, plant material or animal material are found, fumigation treatment will be required to remove the contaminant.

You are responsible for any charges for inspection and fumigation treatment of your vehicle/vessel/aircraft.

Refer to the Ministry for Primary Industries website for more information or email

NOTE: Do not pack personal or household effects in your vehicle prior to shipping as this will complicate the clearance process.

NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi requirements    

NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi must certify your motor vehicle for use on New Zealand roads.

The NZTA website has details about the requirements for immigrants importing a vehicle.  It is important that you enquire with NZTA prior to the importation of your motor vehicle to confirm if you will be able to register your vehicle in New Zealand.                                   

If you pay duty and/or GST at the time of importation and at a later date discover that the vehicle cannot be certified for NZ roads a GST refund will not be approved even if you export the vehicle. Customs Duty can be refunded if vehicle is exported.