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Correcting your personal information

The Privacy Act gives you the right to request corrections to personal information an organisation holds about you.

Information Privacy Principle 7 of the Privacy Act 2020 gives every person the right to request corrections to any personal information an organisation (public or private sector) holds about them.

Taking into account the nature of the information and the purpose for which it was collected and used, an agency has the discretion to grant or decline a correction request.

What can I get corrected?

The Privacy Act 2020 says that you can request correction of any personal information that an agency holds about you. It is important to note that, apart from a few exceptions, you can only ask for correction of information that concerns you.

Will the agency always correct the information?

Not necessarily. Where an agency that holds personal information is not willing to correct that information in accordance with your request the agency can refuse to make the correction.

Where an agency declines to make a correction, it must note on the information at issue that a request was sought and not made.

You can also provide an agency with a statement of correction, which must be attached in a way that it can be read alongside the information at issue. A statement of correction identifies the information you consider is incorrect and briefly states what you believe the accurate information to be.

Where an agency has shared your information with another agency, and it receives a statement of correction, the agency will forward your statement onto any other agency it has shared the information with.

An agency should always notify you about its decision on your request.

How do I make a request?

If you wish to request a correction to your personal information, then email with details of your request. You should describe the information Customs currently holds, explain why you believe it to be incorrect, and state what you would like it to read when corrected.